United Kingdom London Dungeon Tour Destination

Posted: by Admin; Date: 22-Jan-2022

About London Dungeon Destination: London Dungeon is a Haunted house which is placed in London of the United Kingdom. The London Dungeon is situated on bank of the Thames river. The London Dungeon is a well destination who want to watch Haunted show. The London Dungeon Haunted house was open in 1974.

London is the capital city of the United Kingdom which is also the largest populated and economy hub of the UK. The London city is situated on bank of the Thames river where passengers can enjoy different types of the water sports.

How can reach to London Dungeon: the Haunted house London Dungeon is placed in London city of the United Kingdom. London city can come passengers from all over world via water transport and air transport. London city also can come tourists from European countries via road transport and train transport via the English channel tunnel. Passengers can come to London city form other UK local places via road transport, train transport, air transport and water transport.

By air transport: London city has two international airport which connects city to all over world via air transport.

By train transport: passengers can get trains in London city to other UK domestic places along with to European countries.

By road transport: UK has excellent road transport network which all places well connected to modern roads.

Things to do around the London Dungeon: passengers can things to do in London several types which some are watch Haunted house show, boating & fishing in Thames river, ship & ferry riding in the Thames river, walking on river bank, eat London local foods, shopping gifts in London central markets, riding on observation wheel - London eye, watch UK royal family official residential places etc.

Tourists attraction around the London Dungeon: passengers can visit many popular places in London city such as the following.

Attractions near of the London Dungeon Haunted house: SEA LIFE Centre London Aquarium, London Eye - observation wheel, Jubilee Park & Garden, The Graffiti Tunnel, South Bank Lion, Leake St - Notable street, Westminster Bridge, Florence Nightingale Museum, Archbishop's Park, Monument SOE Agents, Garden Museum etc.

Other attractions in London: Westminster Abbey - Church, Big Ben - Clock tower, Palace of Westminster, Westminster Bridge, St James's Park, St James' Park Drinking Fountain, St James's Palace, Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, Hyde Park, Kyoto Garden, Museum of Brands, The Wallace Collection - Art museum, The National Gallery - Art museum etc. UK London trip tour is a nice idea to London Dungeon which is a Haunted house in London city of the Thailand country. Japan trip tour and Europe trip tour .

Switzerland trip tour is a well plan to Biel / Bienne town tour which is placed in Switzerland country which come in eastern part. Biel/Bienne town is situated on bank of the Lake Biel. the Biel/Bienne is a beautiful town in Swiss country which three sides has snow capped mountains and forest and on side has natural water lake.

Tourists can visit several popular places in Biel/Bienne town which some are Kunsthaus Centre d'art Pasquart - Art museum, ExpoPark Nidau-Biel - Event venue, Museum LandArt Biel, Museum Schwab, Biel Zoo, Spielplatz Schüsspark - Playground, Erlebniswelt Seeteufel - Zoo, Beobachtungsturm Haftli - Observation deck, Alte Muhle - Historical landmark etc.